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It will take more than just pressing some shortcut keys to get rid of this issue considering that it affects the os and its main cause is a change in the SEC_ERROR_BAD_SIGNATURE: Peer's certificate has an invalid signature. Reload to refresh your session. SSL_ERROR_RX_MALFORMED_FINISHED: SSL received a malformed Finished handshake message. Source

Please pick a different one. But you have to bear in mind that these Sec_error_bad_password The Security Password Entered Is Incorrect is a common problem so you don't need to worry much about it. SSL_ERROR_UNSUPPORTED_EXTENSION_ALERT: SSL peer does not support requested TLS hello extension. All you need is a little fixation so as long as you know the main cause of the problem; you will surely know the right solution to implement.

We recommend se Admin GUI and CLI to manage the server rather than editing files manually. SEC_ERROR_PKCS12_CORRUPT_PFX_STRUCTURE: Unable to import. MAC algorithm not supported. SSL_ERROR_BAD_CERT_HASH_VALUE_ALERT: SSL peer reported bad certificate hash value.

SEC_ERROR_CERT_ADDR_MISMATCH: Address in signing certificate does not match address in message headers. SEC_ERROR_INADEQUATE_CERT_TYPE: Certificate type not approved for application. If your computer is left unattended and the browser is running with your User ID and Passwords entered … which is found to be incorrect promptly. SSL_ERROR_SSL_DISABLED: Cannot connect: SSL is disabled.

SEC_ERROR_INVALID_PASSWORD: Password entered is invalid. Terms Privacy Security Status Help You can't perform that action at this time. PR_IO_TIMEOUT_ERROR: I/O operation timed out. The syntax and format for this hasn't changed since 6.0.

SEC_ERROR_UNTRUSTED_ISSUER: Peer's certificate issuer has been marked as not trusted by the user. SEC_ERROR_INVALID_TIME: Improperly formatted time string. SEC_ERROR_PKCS7_KEYALG_MISMATCH: Cannot decrypt: key encryption algorithm does not match your certificate. PR_CONNECT_ABORTED_ERROR: TCP Connection aborted.

PR_DIRECTORY_LOOKUP_ERROR: A directory lookup on a network address has failed. SEC_ERROR_CRL_EXPIRED: The CRL for the certificate's issuer has expired. Like Show 0 Likes(0) Actions 2. PR_ILLEGAL_ACCESS_ERROR: Invalid memory address argument.

SSL_ERROR_CERT_KEA_MISMATCH: The certificate provided cannot be used with the selected key exchange algorithm. Reload to refresh your session. SSL_ERROR_SYM_KEY_CONTEXT_FAILURE: Failure to create Symmetric Key context. I edit server.xml . . true ??? true ??? ??? ...

it wants to try * again, continue looping */ if (strcmp(password, PK11_PW_RETRY) == 0) { rv = SECWouldBlock; PORT_Free(password); continue; } /* applicaton tried to authenticate and succeeded we're done */ SEC_ERROR_UNSUPPORTED_EC_POINT_FORM: Unsupported elliptic curve point form. CKU_CONTEXT_SPECIFIC : CKU_USER, (unsigned char *)pw,len); slot->lastLoginCheck = 0; mustRetry = PR_FALSE; if (!alreadyLocked) PK11_ExitSlotMonitor(slot); switch (crv) { /* if we're already logged in, we're good to go */ case CKR_OK: have a peek here SEC_ERROR_EXTENSION_VALUE_INVALID: Certificate extension value is invalid.

SSL_ERROR_RECORD_OVERFLOW_ALERT: Peer received an SSL record that was longer than is permitted. I don't know what to do about SEC_ERROR_RETRY_PASSWORD and SEC_ERROR_RETRY_OLD_PASSWORD. slotPw->data : 0); if (rv != SECSuccess) { SECU_PrintError(progName, "Failed to initialize slot \"%s\"", PK11_GetSlotName(slot)); return SECFailure; } } if (PK11_Authenticate(slot, PR_TRUE, slotPw) != SECSuccess) { SECU_PrintError(progName, "Failed to authenticate to

Encryption algorithm not supported.

SSL_ERROR_DECODE_ERROR_ALERT: Peer could not decode an SSL handshake message. SSL_ERROR_WRONG_CERTIFICATE: Client authentication failed: private key in key database does not match public key in certificate database. SEC_ERROR_NOT_INITIALIZED: NSS is not initialized. SEC_ERROR_MESSAGE_SEND_ABORTED: Message not sent.

SEC_ERROR_CERT_BAD_ACCESS_LOCATION: The location for the certificate status server has invalid format. If that is the case, we simply tell the * server code that it should now verify the clients password and tell us * the results. */ if (PK11_IsLoggedIn(slot,NULL) && (PK11_Global.verifyPass SEC_ERROR_CRL_NOT_YET_VALID: The certificate revocation list for this certificate is not yet valid. SEC_ERROR_CRL_NOT_FOUND: No matching CRL was found.