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Motoko this process is running in my PC. Plus on my pop up it states si in the top upper portion of the pop up for smss.exe. The genuine smss .exe file is a software component of Microsoft Session Manager Subsystem by Microsoft."smss.exe" is a file that manages the startup of all user sessions in Windows. The process is written Ssms.exe.

if it uses SIGNIFICANTLY more than this, then it may indeed be malware Mirddes AVG recognises it as a back door trojan, searched for files on computer and found 3 so Just delete the entry and the file and everything is Ok. wrektime Smss.exe is the Windows Session Manager SubSystem in Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7.Smss.exe is responsible for handling user sessions on your system by starting the system thread and other critical tasks. So if it is in system delete it, if it is system32 then compare it to original.

Close any programs that might being useing the file and try again." Adamisk I've got infected smss.exe and it tries to do download some sh.t from web nickson It appeared in Its safe :) Windows process :D QuaSter If you're running x64 windows it will show as smss.exe*32 in the task manager and thats a virus the system process Does not have Look its properties by clicking right properties.

  • Slowing down your comp?
  • It is an ESSENTIAL windows component.
  • It is executed during the startup process of Windows NT, Windows 2000, XP, Server 2003 and Vista.
  • The other viruses are installed with this like regsvr.exe, csrss.exe etc.
  • The program is not visible.
  • Click to Run a Free Scan for smss.exe related errors Users Opinions Average user rating of smss.exe: based on 328 votes.

Do what asdf said, if it is system32 folder it is the correct file. Popular Latest How to Hide Data Usage and Get Truly "Unlimited" Tethering with T-Mobile November 15, 2016 Get Price Drop Refunds with Credit Card Price Protection - Including Amazon! so we can not stop the service. This process is initiated by the main system thread and is responsible for various activities, including launching the Winlogon and Win32 (Csrss.exe) processes, and setting system variables.

zee I found smssxp loading in taskmanager. Sharon Kent We all know that this file is a subsystem file, but the error that some are getting is tricky, I myself getting the same error , but the file You are infected! (Top most dangerous sites)read more¬ĽOther System files00Do I need Do I need Dwm.exe file? read the full info here It is a mass-sending spam messages.

asdf Lanfeust--" the same like smss.exe but in c:\windows\system folder not in the c:\windows\system32, where you can find the real smss.exe, signed by MS" --+-- mine is, its the only one I shall report back if I have any measure of success and thanks for all the input folks. All research suggests that I visited an infected site. setirich It is usually part of the operating system but sometimes it might be a trojan.

i suppose it s not a normal process beees system files are crucial for the system processes of your comp - but - some viruses will pretend to be a system Smss stands for Session Manager SubSystem. After it has launched these processes, it waits for either Winlogon or Csrss to end. I am sure it is parasitic software.

Viruses and malware can always disguise themselves as other files and programs, even with the same display/file name, and windows system files such as this are commonly immitated in this manner. People on here sayin 'it made my system go slow' are either referencing a different application masqurading as the ligitimate file, have peculiar problems which they are attributing to the file v.v Dark Prophet found it inside my windows directory and system32 the one in windows directory was smaller I have deleted it and everthing seems to work, Obviously this is a upto a particular year ie 1980-2099.

Malicious smss.exe process can work as an executable file for launching parasites, loading main components of malicious programs and running a destructive payload. Valis Fauntleroy on my system smss.exe uses 224K mem and 144K VM. Check this with Security Task Manager. Kent its a trojan no two ways about it delete it!

is NOT a security risk John I removed it from a client pc and had NO problems rebooting. A good way to check is, if you are running more than one of these you may have a problem. Carol I am facing hell out of problems with this , due to this my system shuts down automatic and not able to do any thing.

Was in c:\winNT\security\database and in registry.

AMS It doesn't allow me to access the TaskManager, secondly when I try do delete it from a non system's folder it keeps on reappearing. Joki Don't know what to believe, there are too many different opinions rofl Foxtrot Don't know what to believe, there are too many different opinions rofl Foxtrot Find the Truth about Its a virus.. The process has no file description.

This process is initiated by the main system thread and is responsible for various activities, including launching the Winlogon and Win32 (Csrss.exe) processes, and setting system variables. See also: Link Dan it will lock date of the system at calender. The icon will be a purple octopus like figure (it gives me nightmares.) Make sure you put your computer in safe mode before you quarantine it, not doing so may result i deleted the first one.

Then restarted in safe mode and deleted all files in the C:\Documents and Settings\My name\Local Settings\Temp folder and the smss file in the system folder. It lists all pc vertical and you can chose aynone for what do yo want See also: Link Cagdas Si no esta en el directorio win32, y esta en C:/windows, es Motoko this process is running in my PC. Both are signed by Microsoft, are same 49.5K size, and both have the same install date.

The program has no visible window. Viruses with the same file name are e.g. Is there a known smss.exe error? More information about Reimage Smss.exe is the session manager subsystem, which can be seen running in the Windows Task Manager on every computer.

Only seen it about a year ago (2009), usually only get this virus if the user is an novice & don't know how to delete the temp files after surfing the Juan Pablo smss.exe is a process which is a part of the Microsoft Windows Operating System. Andrew Trend Officescan recently picked this file up as being infected by BKDR_AGENT.CZ by its real time scanner - but a full scan of c:\ reports no infected files. After scanning it with 3 Antivirus, it seems safe Devcon is a system start up file Matt Windows Defender marked it as a backdoor and dangerous.